Hi, I'm Cory Ryan Burnell. Welcome to my profile!

Cory Burnell's Bio:

Cory Ryan Burnell is an avid baseball fan and played baseball for UC Santa Barbara in the Big West Conference, so that explains his love for the game.  All three Burnell children play too, and he oftens works with them in their batting cage. Cory Burnell grew up in San Diego, but went to UC Santa Barbara for his undergraduate degree in Economics/Mathematics where he met his wife. The Burnell family now lives in northern California where Cory is self-employed.

Cory Burnell's Experience:

  • Chief Investment Officer at BluePrint Investments and Tax Planning

    Cory Ryan Burnell manages investment accounts for individuals, company retirement plans, and charitable organizations. Cory Burnell discusses with clients the importance of income generation, low expenses, and the potential diversification benefits of hedging strategies and alternative investments to complement traditional positions in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs.

Cory Burnell's Interests & Activities:

Cory Burnell loves playing baseball with his sons and softball with his daughter. He enjoys camping and travelling with his family and friends. Cory is also an avid reader of finance and history with a tremendous appetite for learning new things. He and his wife enjoy fitness activities and community involvement of all sorts.